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Hey you guys! It has been a while! How's life been?

I've been well! I've been really focusing on cheer and school lately, and I have a 4.0 GPA and have been nominated for a National Honors Society award! Cheer just ended, and the boys basketball team made it pretty far into state! I am most likely going to be co-captain this summer, so woot woot! :D

Also, I'm totally over Tom. He's a little rat who can suck my toes :D If his name isn't Wilbur Soot, I don't want him lol.

So, here's my situation...

I hang out with my brother and a group of boys. One of the girls on cheer is dating one of these boys (mind you, they are all one year younger than me), and I ADORE her. She's so sweet and funny, and we are both bases together as we work really well (physically).

Anyways, her boyfriend (we will call him Dan) and I share a class together. He's asked for my number multiple times so I can send him assignments, but he has a bad reputation for *sending stuff* to girls, so I've been saying no. I gave in a couple days ago for an assignment, but even after I sent the assignment, he still kept talking to me, even when I tried to end the conversation, too. It's whatever, we casually talk for a bit, but then I tell him I gotta go and then just leave him on read.

Next day.

He texts me again and starts up a slightly uncomfy conversation, saying I need to have more "fun" and such. I kept shooting everything down, but (this sounds pick me lol) I'm too nice to be rude, so I was still being nice about everything. And I've been told a couple times that guys think I am flirting with them when I do so.

Keep in mind, both these convos were late in the evening.

I feel bad talking with him and having him talk to me the way he does. I love his gf, because she's my friend, and I don't want to completely shut him out, but I would NEVER be interested in dating him, and I don't want to tell him I'm not interested and then have him say that's not what he was doing. Do I tell his girlfriend? Help me out here, ahaha!!

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