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This post asks many questions. ( just as a warning)

So, now it's terraria is better than MC. ( people are saying that at school)

So yesterday on the bus someone asked me if I had defeated the end dragon. I said "no" They called me a noob. We argued a bit then I asked my friend who was sitting near us if i am a noob he said "no". Then it stopped. I thought it was the end of it but of course I was wrong!

Today at school at lunch my friends told me someone likes MC. They told me where they were sitting. But, when I talked to the people at the table, they called me a NOOB! just because I've never defeated the end dragon in full survival! Like that doesn't make me a noob! But apparently the kid that was making fun of me likes to harass autistic kids. Anyway, are the friends who told me who to talk to fake friends? Don't worry, someone reported the kid that was calling me a noob to an adult that was in the lunchroom.

I need to know. Thanks!

If you could help give me advice on how to handle it if the kid who called me a noob or anyone does for that matter,that would be appreciated.

Btw another kid at the table with the kid who called me a noob said I'm not a noob after a MC quiz he gave me. But the kid who called me a noob kept asking me ones like " have you defeated the wither?" And "have you defeated the end dragon?"

So, if my possibly fake friends aren't friends, how should I end the friendship? AND NOT TALKING TO THEM ISN'T AN OPTION BC ONE OF THEM SITS RIGHT NEXT TO ME IN ONE OF MY CLASSES!

Thanks for reading!

I know this post is very long for one of my posts.


  1. Are they fake friends?
  2. If they are how should I end my friendship with them?
  3. How should I deal with being called a noob if it happens again? ( and yes going nerd on them and having someone nearby quiz me are options... I can't ignore them tho)

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